Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Superior Soul

Last days, I collected a new personal-war with another friend... this time is my best friend. I thought myself, it's crazy! I'm the only one who had the most times arguing with some friends, is it a good record, huh? Absolutely those are bad..... It's difficult to know your superior soul, your superior mind always think they're the good one and another soul and mind were the bad one.... It's hard...

Dream never lies, Hope never dies

It's been so long
the days start so cold
leaving without giving such an evidence
I still trapped in my own life, full of imagination,
some hatreds may come,
but I still believe the destiny...
Dream never lies, Hope never dies....

Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

dear Director,

Happy valentine!

It is my uncountable time (I guess....) to work on blog, write something I--even don't know what I'm going to write-- yesterday was so uneasy when I decided to make (another) blog and just found the title and the link about You.

You know, I'm a story lover, an imaginative person and never stop creating plots, new characters, or another conditional based on reality like : what if i was an artist? what if i joined girl band from south korea? something like that....

So... I was in a positive mind to made it as a real blog...but I don't have any intention to create a blog with some stories I imagined. Yes I'm gonna put my imagination but I'll make it as a 'mind report' to Director so....maybe we can discuss it together...

Uhm, I already sleepy now and I got to wake up early soooo.... let's close this 'opening ceremony' but, I want to give You something for this special day :

I shall not fear by the wind
I shall not cry by the rain
I shall not shy by the sun
You cover me up by Your stardust
Magnificent stardust....
Shining more than the stars
Glowing beautifully in the sky...

... I hope someday I could create something better than that... I'm so sleepy...

Good night, Director..... I need Your help for the next scene.... :)